Thursday, March 26, 2015

While removing Internet Explorer 7 and 8 hacks from our codebase, I encountered the following comments:

- without this, IE7 poops its pants
- IE6 goes missing on the hover state carat, I don't care
- what the hell is up with IE7 ???
- I had to set fixed width for boxes, otherwise IE7 freaks out. Bastard
- IE7 is fucking retarded
- IE7 is again playing the retard, causing lame parens and dashes to drop to the bottom of the container
- hate IE so much
- IE8 requires the following nonsense, naturally
- IE6 is not good software. One sign of this is that we need to set position absolute here to make this thing display in IE6
- IE6 throws a rubbery when it can't understand part of a compound selector (commas)
- but IE is retarded and thus we brute force it
- re-establish cache.mainImage, since IE is a retard
- IE 8 and below do not bubble change events, so lets hack the shit out of it :P
- inevitably, IE6 has to rain on our UTF parade ;_;